High quality packaging is a part of high quality products, we can according to the packing protection scheme volume,weight, shape and other customer product design a set of safe, until the customer satisfied.

Our advantage

QuickPack foam packaging without a model, perfusion filling products will be firmly fixed in the outer box, to provide a safe and personal protection for your product packaging cushion! Even the need for product customization unified,also only needs simple wood, very low cost, simple manufacture!

QuickPack foaming rate up to 200 times the volume of liquid, three times erosion is ordinary EPS foam, using less material can better protect your products, greatly reduces the storage and transport costs; the key is the need for packaging only when you, not affected by time and external factors, always make packing you want, also reduced themanagement and safety hidden danger of packaging material.

QuickPack does not contain CFC, in Europe and America and is widely recovery and utilization as environmental protection packaging materials and by international customers!

Repair and maintenance

Shenzhen Zhuangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in PU environment friendly polyurethane foamraw material, foaming equipment, protective packaging design and solutions supporting manufacturers, the companyproducts have passed the SGS certification of environmental protection.

Companies to undertake various types of imported foaming equipment overhaul, repair and routine repair. The scope of repair include circuit and mechanical system the whole foaming equipment.

The company has experienced, skilled engineers and technicians, can meet the demands of various enterprises.

Our service

Listen carefully to the needs of customers, make a valuable analysis;
Provide customers with products according to the samples for customers design, manufacture packaging solutions;
Free proofing, for clients to detect package drop, vibration experiment data;
Free onsite installation, operation training, learn so far;
Regular home maintenance, guidance.

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